Steve Wyer

Steve Wyer has lived with the shadow side of the Internet ever since his business, his family and his credibility were attacked without warning online. Given his professional work history, Wyer never expected this type of attack would happen to him. Now serving as the managing director for online reputation management company Reputation Advocate, Inc., he focuses his efforts toward helping others who have been slandered online as he was.

Steve Wyer has been a consultant to financial institutions involved in consumer lending and collections, mortgage lending and institutional asset management. From 2001 until 2005, Steve Wyer built two companies that acquired and collected on just under one billion dollars worth of consumer debt. Fourteen call centers, three law firms and information built these companies into very powerful recovery platforms. The companies ended up in litigation and all of the information and speculation surrounding the court activity wound up on the Internet. Wyer says that his life was irrevocably damaged by information found online. “It was shocking that people from the other side of the world asked questions that had nothing to do with the professional relationship I had developed with them. Both businesses ended up shutting their doors because of information I had no control over.”

While it is said that parties are innocent until proven guilty, Steve Wyer experienced first hand that the Internet has upended such long held notions of justice. For the first time, he was confronted with the shadow side of the Internet. Wyer says that he has come to realize that there is real damage being done today because of search engine information that is incorrect, malicious or outdated. Steve Wyer’s 2011 book published by Dunham Books, Violated Online, delves into real-life stories behind online slander. The book offers more than 50 specific tips on how the reader can better prepare for an unexpected online attack. For more information visit

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